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Your Perfect Living Room Rug: Tips for Picking the Right One

The living room is one of the most central areas in your home, and it’s likely where you spend the most time with friends and family. The perfect living room rug can help tie together all of the elements that make up your living room decor, including your furniture style and color scheme. There are many different factors to consider when picking out the right area rug for your villa renovation, but we’ve put together some tips to help you make an informed decision on how to choose the best rug for your space.

What Are The Different Types of Rugs?

There are different types of rugs and choosing one that is best suited for your space will depend on how it’s used. Kitchen rugs are used to protect a floor from scratches, stains, spills and liquids. Living room rugs are decorative pieces that can be placed under furniture or around a seating area to provide extra warmth, comfort and style. No matter what you choose, an area rug should match both your home’s design aesthetics as well as its practical needs; whether you have dogs in your kitchen or just want to keep dirt off of your hardwood floors, there is a type of rug perfect for every space.

Choosing a Pattern

The first thing you need to think about when choosing a pattern is what room you’ll be putting it in, since that will determine how formal or casual your rug needs to be. If your rug will live in a dining room or den, you can get away with a bolder pattern. Just make sure that it complements your overall decor and still feels comfortable in its environment. For instance, if your dining chairs have gold leaf detailing and sculptural seats, don’t choose an intricate floral-patterned area rug; instead pick something more neutral like light blues and whites.

Choosing a Style

If you’re choosing a rug from your own living room, there’s no need to worry about color coordinating with existing colors or anything like that. If, however, you want to make sure your new area rug blends in nicely with existing furniture and accessories, it’s best to stick to muted colors. Many people say darker colors can be harsh and become hard on your eyes, but when it comes down to it, that’s more of a personal preference than an objective rule. Personally speaking? I think dark colors in certain areas can really tie a room together while adding interest with every step. For kitchen rugs and living room rugs alike, I’d recommend sticking to neutral tones such as black or navy blues rather than bright colors like red or yellow.

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