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What Is Preventive Care? Examples & Importance Of Preventive Care


You owe a duty to protect your health. It would be best if you have preventive care for this purpose as it keeps your health fit and your mind well. A healthy body has its connection with a healthy mind and mental welling. Preventive care is essential for well-maintained health and mind. Lack of attention to preventive care leads to emergency visits. To prevent these visits and costly treatments, keep checking on your health and wellbeing with preventive health care services offered at HG Analytics.

Now, you might wonder what preventive-care is. In this post, we present the most critical information about preventive care along with it’s examples. Read away to learn what is preventive care. Here, we explain preventive care and its importance. This article also presents examples of preventive care. Continue reading to find out the most common examples. 

What is Preventive Care?

Preventive care comprises medical services to prevent the risk of diseases, disabilities, and other medical emergencies. It intends to reduce the risk of future health problems.

This type of care uses screening services to detect any underlying issues before the symptom exhibition. Screening is crucial for the early identification of the disease as it helps treat the issue at the earliest. It, in turn, saves life before making the disease more life-threatening. Additionally, it also reduces the cost of treatment.

What is the importance of preventive care?

Preventive care is vital for your health. It reduces the risk of future health fatalities. Early screening helps devise the appropriate treatment on time to prevent medical emergencies. It is also crucial as it saves from the financial burden often associated with emergency service. So, it is a cost-effective and intelligent way to live a longer, happier life.

Benefits of Preventive Care

Preventive care helps your physician to detect the health issue before it becomes a significant problem. Some other benefits of are:

  • Provision of proactive treatment with early detection.
  • It’s a part of health coverage.
  • It helps people to stay focused on health goals.

Examples of Preventive Care

Here is the list of the most important examples of preventive care.

1. Blood Pressure Test

The blood pressure test is an essential part of general health. It is crucial for detecting the risk of hypertension having grave consequences like coronary artery diseases, strokes, and heart failure. Thus, to reduce the risk of these severe health issues, this test is necessary. It is among the preventive care examples that reduce the risk of heart failure and cerebrovascular events. Individuals over 40 are particularly recommended for this test as the risk of developing high BP increases with age.

2. Cholesterol Test

An abnormal cholesterol level is one of the significant health issues leading to hypertension and heart diseases. With regular cholesterol tests, you can prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases as early identification warns the patient about the severe consequences. People with diabetes, hypertension and a family history of hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) should take the test. 

3. Diabetes Screening

Diabetes is among the most prevalent health issue and the leading death cause in Americans. Complications like vision issues, heart disease, and stroke are associated with diabetes. However, regular screening can prevent these issues and other grave consequences of diabetes. Early identification leads to management through non-invasive approaches like physical activity or lifestyle changes. American Diabetes Association recommends getting screening for diabetes starting at the age of 35 years. You should get screened if you have obesity or a family history of diabetes for early detection or preventive measure.

4. Cancer Screening

According to the stats by the American Cancer Society, 1.9 million cancer cases have been diagnosed in Americans in 2022 so far. Cancer is also associated with high mortality rates in Americans, as 609,360 cancer deaths have been estimated for 2022. Due to the fact that some people do not exhibit the early symptoms of cancer, the disease goes undiagnosed.

Hence, cancer screening is among the most recommended preventive care examples. Men are suggested to screen for prostate cancer at age 45, while women are mostly recommended for mammograms (breast cancer screening) and Pap tests (cervical cancer screening).

5. Annual Checkup

The annual checkup is one of the most important examples of preventive healthcare. It checks for the overall health to aid in the earlier identification of the health issues before they become serious. Early identification of the disease enables devising more treatment options. Hence, with this service, you can avoid serious health issues and minimize the treatment cost associated with later stages of the disease.


Preventive care is beneficial for you. There are numerous benefits of getting preventive healthcare services. The care service is crucial for decreasing the risk of serious diseases. Preventive care examples include health screening and annual checkups to keep your health in check. These examples of preventive care are associated with early detection of underlying health conditions necessary for apt management and treatment.

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