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Six Transgender Hair Restoration Benefits Everyone Should Know

Transgender patients go through many procedures to get a complete hair transition. There are two types of treatment procedures that transgender patients go through. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic in Palm Desert, you get the best results since our doctor is well-trained and he has many years of experience.

What is a Transgender Hair Transplant Procedure? 

During a transgender hair transplant, the surgeon harvests the hair from the donor region and transfers it to the required part of the body. Female-to-male transgender transplant surgery is effective for women who want to transform into men. At the same time, male-to-female transgender hair transplant is a surgery for patients transiting from male to female.

Female to Male (FTM) Transgender Hair Transplant 

During female-to-male (FTM) transgender hair transplant, the shape of the hairline undergoes change. Many procedures are carried out on transgender patients to complete their transition. The facial features of males and females are different, as well as their hair growth.

Facial hair transplant surgery 

In the facial hair transplant procedure, hair is harvested from the donor region and implanted in the facial area. This helps to regrow either mustaches, sideburns, or beards. The back of the head is a good donor since it doesn’t experience hair loss. Anesthesia is used to numb the donor area before graft hair harvesting.

Hairline surgery

The hairline surgery procedure is the process done to reshape the hairline and make it more feminine. This procedure comes after hormone therapy and cosmetic procedures. 

Male to Female (MTF) Transgender Hair Transplant Procedure 

Male-to-female transgender hair transplant treatment suits patients are changing from male to female. If the patient is undergoing hair loss condition, an MTF hairline regrowth surgery is done to Lower the hairline. There are two methods used to lower the hairline. They include:

FUE hair transplant technique 

The surgeon harvests the hair follicles from the donor region in a follicular unit extraction procedure. He then transfers the hair follicles to the forehead to lower the hairline. Dr. John Kahen is an experienced surgeon at Palm Desert Hair Transplant clinic who uses this procedure to help transgender patients compete for their transformation.

Scalp advancement procedure

Dr. John Kahen has all the expertise needed to perform this type of transgender hair restoration. This is in terms of artistic and medical skills. In this method, a scalpel is used carefully to incise a strip of the skin on the forehead to lower the scalp forward.

Dr. John Kahen, a specialist at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert clinic, can also perform a textured hair transplant since it is needed, but it will need a few adjustments to make it good. By using the FUE hair transplant procedure, the doctor will increase the diameter of the micro-punch to prevent damaging follicular units.


At Palm Desert Hair Restoration Clinic, we provide transgender patients with a permanent solution for hair loss. Dr. John Kahen is experienced in medical and artistic skills to perform transgender hair restoration perfectly at the Palm Desert Hair Restoration Clinic. As a transgender person, you will get the best hair transplant procedure that guarantees good results. This applies to both female and male transgender patients.

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