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What is the Significant Role of Primary Care Physician?

A primary care physician is a care provider that can treat you when you are sick and also guide you on your health. Although getting the right primary care physician at North Hills takes time, a long-term relationship with one lowers medical costs since you’ll stay healthy.

What is a Primary Care Physician?

When you have a medical problem that is not life-threatening to warrant a visit to the emergency room, a primary care provider is the first person you will go to. A primary care physician is a medical expert who helps you with your minor health issues. Assistant physicians and nurses also can provide primary care physicians. At North Hills Urgent Care Clinic, we offer experienced primary care physicians with many years of medical experience.

What Does a Primary Care Physician Do?

A primary care provider helps you get better when you are unwell and guides you to stay healthy. Your PCP is responsible for your mental health, physical health, and your well-being. PCP will know:

  • Treatment preferences and daily challenges
  • Family’s medical history
  • Current health
  • Personality and lifestyle

What Can a Primary Care Physician do During Checkups?

Whenever you visit our clinic, our primary care physician North Hills does the following:

  • Ensure your vaccines are up to date
  • Perform screening tests to identify the problems in your body 
  • Treat the health issues that affect your body, for example, infection or rash
  • Assist you in managing long-term health problems such as diabetes, depression, or high blood pressure
  • Find you a medical specialist if you need one, for example, a heart surgeon

How Can a Primary Care Physician Help You?

Primary care providers help you to identify health care issues early before they become severe. Having a PCP, you will not be visiting the hospital every time since your health will be checked regularly. You will use less money on medical bills. PCP specialists will know when you need more improved care, for example, a specialist or hospital treatment.

Types of Primary Care Physicians 

There are various types of primary care physicians. Different care providers are trained to manage certain patients. They include:

  • Pediatricians who ate well-trained to diagnose and treat children, including teenagers 
  • Geriatricians are primary care physicians who address health issues in older people 
  • Internists are professional medical doctors who deal with health and medical care issues that affect adults 
  • Obstetricians and gynecologists are primary care physicians who help women with their reproductive health, including pregnancies 
  • Also called family practitioners, family doctors cater to everyone’s health care needs in the family 
  • Assistant physicians such as nurses also offer primary care

How Can I Find a Primary Care Provider?

When you need a primary care physician, this is what you should do:

  • Talk to the hospitals in your area to offer physician search tools
  • Go to the Internet and conduct a search about primary care physicians near me 
  • Get guidance from people you trust, such as your family and friends, as to where to find the best primary care

How do I Find a Reliable Primary Care Physician? 

Getting the right primary care physician requires a face to face interaction with the physician. During this time, ask all the questions necessary to understand if the doctor is suitable for you regarding your lifestyle, health care needs, and even the cost of health care. 


Primary care physician north hills can help you to live a healthy lifestyle and offer the right medical guidance that will protect you and get proper medical attention every time. A PCP is a healthcare partner in your long-term care and has regular checkups. Book an appointment At North Hills Urgent Care Clinic to get a qualified primary care physician. Our clinic offers you an experienced PCP who will help you very well.

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