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Main Door Modern Lock Designs for a Smarter Your Brand New Home

How do you secure a home? With a door lock. It is the simplest way of keeping your home secure, whether you are out or sleeping a good night’s sleep. They are crucial for keeping the home secure, facilitating easy access, and giving the door some additional dimension. 

Numerous types of door locks are offered on the market, ranging from basic deadbolts and door knobs to sophisticated biometric and keyless entry locks. Each lock design has its characteristics, appearance, and mode of functioning.

Homes built on the city outskirts, similar to etihad town Lahore, are often in need of installing the safest door locks that can guarantee a great level of security. Therefore, keeping such a notion of residents in mind, we have identified a list of several modern lock designs that make your dream home smarter and more secure. 

1- Sleek fingerprint scanner

A smart, keyless lock that uses a fingerprint scanner is a great, hassle-free solution. The fingerprint scanners are made to withstand wear and tear. They are therefore superior to traditional push-button locks. 

A small number of fingerprints can be stored in modern fingerprint locks for family members and roommates. Some fingerprint locks can also be integrated with smart home systems, enabling remote locking and unlocking of the door.

2- Door Knob lock with password

 Combine a password-controlled doorknob with the best features of both the old and modern gate lock designs. 

The specified password restricts access to your home to those who know it, and in the event that you forget the passcode, a key can also be used to unlock the door. This particular style of door knob lock gives the door a very old-fashioned, traditional look, which is a bonus.

3- Video intercom for the main door

Have you ever answered a door when the bell rang only to find an unwanted salesperson there instead? 

You may preserve your privacy and safety by using a video intercom system at the front door to help you see and communicate effectively with the person at the door. 

This door lock-style device is a comprehensive fix that can also guarantee the security of kids left home alone. You can also welcome visitors by opening the door using the intercom’s wireless connection even if you are not standing right next to it.

4- Phone-operated smart system 

A high-end safety feature is a main door lock design that can be operated remotely from your smartphone. This style of lock can easily manage the frequent arrivals and departures in a busy household. 

For additional door opening possibilities, this lock type is also password- and fingerprint-controlled. 

As soon as the door is closed, the modern door lock instantly locks and locks behind you. For those who consistently forget to lock the door when they enter the house, this lock type’s feature is quite useful.

5- Push and pull the main door lock 

With just a touch of the finger, you can unlock the door without having to fuss with a key. When you touch it, the Bluetooth technology recognizes whether or not your phone or key fob is close and pairs with this primary door lock design. The type of door lock selects whether or not to open for you based on this.

The door lock design is pretty traditional, yet gives a trendier look. 

6- Fingerprint sensor with a passcode

A passcode, fingerprint, or card can all be used to unlock the Push-and-Pull main lock. This lock type of device is convenient and easy to operate, and it also has a luxurious appearance that gives it a really opulent feel.

Senior adults who are unable to operate the door handles or who have full hands will find it quite simple to open the door thanks to the Push-and-Pull system.

7- Classic lock and chain

This lock is unmatched in its sleek and sophisticated smart door lock style. You have two options for opening the door: a fingerprint and a password. A few models of smart door locks additionally keep track of who entered the house when and at what time. 

Apartments and homes for residents will frequently have this style of gate lock in modern housing schemes like Etihad Town. 

So, what do you think of modern and smart lock designs? Which one is your favorite so far? Let us know!

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