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How to choose a home fingerprint lock

1. Is there a lock function when the door is closed?

 In our daily life, we often forget to lock the door when we close the door, especially the vulnerable groups (such as the elderly or children) will forget to lock the door when opening and closing, which will leave the hidden danger of theft. When choosing a fingerprint lock, it is necessary to know whether the fingerprint lock has the function of closing the door and locking it, so as to avoid this security trouble and use it more assuredly.  Use Samsung Discount Code NHS

 2. Is there a full-proof design?

 As a high-tech product for door lock security, fingerprint locks can not only protect family belongings, but also make family members feel at ease. Especially in today’s society, some problems of the root causes of contradictions still exist, and it is very important that the fingerprint lock has a full-proof design. The fingerprint lock with high security performance will perfectly combine the traditional mechanical technology and modern high-tech fingerprint identification technology. 360° full-proof patented design, and the structure is made of pure stainless steel material to achieve the highest security.

 3. Which company’s brand product is

 Fingerprint locks generally take 5 years of precipitation, otherwise the quality of the product will not be guaranteed. In addition, a high-quality best fingerprint door lock product must go through door lock clinical testing, fingerprint recognition technology, user feedback, product development, product design, mold manufacturing, die casting, stamping, drilling, lathe, wire cutting, electronic applications, polishing. There are 110 processes such as electroplating, assembly, and quality inspection.

 4. Fourth, there is no perfect after-sales service

 According to Anything But a Backpack Day the observation of professionals in the industry, the current network of sales and service points of fingerprint lock manufacturers is generally not large, and there is even no after-sales service point, and the promise of after-sales service is false. When buying a fingerprint lock, be sure to know whether the brand of fingerprint lock has a national after-sales service point, whether it is convenient for users to open a unified national free after-sales service hotline, and promise to provide 24-hour problem solving solutions.

 5. Is there any authoritative project recognition?

 Fingerprint locks were generally used in places with a high level of confidentiality and security protection before, and their commercialization has only developed in recent years. Reliable fingerprint lock brands are generally used in some national authorities. For example, fingerprint locks are used in the office building of the Great Hall of the People. These authoritative projects are recognized: one is that the cutting-edge technology of fingerprint locks has been recognized at the national level, and the other is the affirmation of the credibility of the brand’s brand strength. Save with Ebay discount code

 6. Have you used biometric fingerprint recognition technology?

 The reason why fingerprint locks have become the representative of a new generation of door locks lies in the adoption of biological fingerprint recognition technology, which utilizes the uniqueness and non-replicability of human fingerprints. Because the fingerprints of each of the more than 5 billion people in the world are unique, just like there is no identical leaf in the world. In addition, the biological fingerprint recognition technology in the United States has certain requirements on the temperature of the human body, temperature, and even the speed of blood flow when using fingerprint recognition, which prevents criminals from duplicating and using fingerprints. The problem of others imitating the key to open the door ensures the safety of use, so that the fingerprint lock has unparalleled high security performance.

 7. Is there ANSI certification?

 The fingerprint lock was really introduced to China from the United States in 2005. Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.Co At that time, the American high-end fingerprint lock brand Digier and the world’s top 500 company Ingersoll Rand dominated the high-end fingerprint lock market. Therefore, generally reliable fingerprint locks must pass the highest quality level in the United States – ANSI certification. ANSI certification, as the most stringent quality certification at the highest level in the world, is the guarantee and symbol of the high quality of products. This certification requires a unified standard, unified technology, unified interpretation through rigorous testing of product operation, life, strength, safety, surface and material to achieve a consistent understanding of standards and technical requirements to improve the core competitiveness of products, giving Buyer’s greatest trust. 

 8. Is there a wide range of customers

 The things most people buy are definitely good things. The fingerprint lock can be used in a wide range, which shows that the quality of the fingerprint lock of this brand is feasible and the reputation is good, or there will be a steady stream of users to buy it. It is best to have global user choices, which shows that fingerprint locks continue to improve the use value, establish an interactive experience with users, and improve in an all-round way.

 9. Is there a multi-point lock tongue protection?

 Nowadays, the social problems are complex, and the security performance of door locks is paid more attention. Fingerprint locks are generally made of stainless steel. However, most fingerprint locks are single lock tongues, which are easy to be picked up, or can not achieve the performance of anti-theft and anti-riot. The fingerprint lock with multi-point lock tongue is by far the most superior and has the highest security performance. Therefore, choosing a fingerprint lock not only depends on the appearance, but also on the inside.  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS , Amazon NHS Discount  Amazon Discount Code UK , Amazon coupon code 10 OffAmazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code , Amazon Discount Code NHS , Amazon nhs discount code , Amazon promo code nhs and Amazon Discount Code

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