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Instagram marketing: Best Tips for Promoting Art on Instagram

Promoting Art on Instagram: Posting an Instagram photo and calling it good is easy, but does it really help your art business? A profile on Instagram is a reflection of your art brand, just like any other online presence. Its quality will be judged and associated with your art. Instagram is becoming more and more popular among collectors for finding new works of art.

If your content is lacking or you don’t know how to hashtag properly, step up your game. Get more art fans and customers by following these steps.

Discover what works for you

When Promoting Art on Instagram this is important step. You can use Instagram for your art business with a free business account that offers insights. It also allows you to see the demographics of your fans and how often your posts are viewed, commented on, and liked. By keeping track of the best days, times, type of content, and hashtags you post, you will be able to sell more art with Instagram. As an example, if you are a miniature artist, show your setup and provide valuable information like how to set up magnifying light on your desk.

Make sure your profile is complete

By ensuring your name, image, and bio are perfect, you can start the relationship right when a potential buyer stumbles across your Instagram account. This is an important step when promoting art on Instagram.

To begin with, choose a simple username. If you work in a particular medium, or if you own a business, use your real name with keywords like “artist”. Next, choose a thumbnail image that fans will recognize, such as a close up of you and your artwork. Last but not least, write a short, sweet, and descriptive bio.

Follow the right people

Getting more Instagram followers involves following “suggested users,” according to social media maven CoSchedule. Instagram suggests users based on what you follow, what you like previously, or what you follow in your contact list – meaning they are likely to fit your target audience.

Click on the plus sign and person icon in the top right corner of your app to find them. A list of recommended users will appear when you click “Discover People.”. You can also find similar artists by going to their profiles. An icon in the corner of the “Following” button provides a list of suggested users for you to explore.

Sync your contact list

There may be many followers and clients you already have in the real world who haven’t yet discovered you on Instagram. By selecting the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your account, you may make it easier for people to get in touch with you and see prospective works of art to buy. After that, click “Find Contacts” and follow anybody you believe might love your Instagram and with whom you’d like to connect.

Be Social

How much it truly pays to be social on social media will surprise you. By doing this, you’ll win more admirers and clients! Begin with sincere enjoying and responding to the posts of other artists and influencers. Always respond to comments made on your photos; a simple “thank you” will do. Finally, keep in mind that using this platform to connect with other artists has tremendous potential. You never know what can emerge from these relationships, so don’t be hesitant to get in touch and let an artist know if you enjoy their work or they are doing something intriguing.

Create Good Content

The old adage holds true: quality always wins over quantity. The Instagram platform is an excellent way to share your experience as an artist with your fans. Keeping an engaging account is as easy as staying enthusiastic, authentic, and following the 80/20 rule.

Consider sharing work-in-progress photos, time-lapse videos of your creations, a favorite studio corner, a new idea, or an up-close view. Do some research on artists you admire, and then get creative with their ideas!

Post Enough, But Not Too Much

The sweet spot for Instagram is one to two posts a day, according to CoSchedule. Keep your potential art buyers’ attention by mixing up the content you share with them if you post more than once. To keep your content fresh in their minds, try maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

The Right Way to Hashtag

Putting aside jokes about pop culture, hashtags are useful for helping potential customers locate your artwork on Instagram. Using one well-chosen hashtag, a collector could find your account and get a few pieces. It’s yet another example of how social media is transforming the creative scene. What hashtags should you pick, then?

The simplest method is to look at a few well-known artist accounts on Instagram. Check out how many and what hashtags they are using, then try it out for yourself to discover what works best. Although you can use up to thirty, the conventional rule is to utilise five to ten hashtags for every post. With the name of your studio or anything similar, you may even build your own brand hashtag! Thanks for reading this want to read more articles and the latest update visit the link.

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