Best Foods that Can Help you to Gain Weight in a Healthy Manner.


There are many people who are looking for healthy ways to gain weight. Being underweight can be as unhealthy as being obese or overweight. There are many reasons why you can unintentionally lose weight. Chronic stress, eating disorder, lack of appetite, and certain health disorders are some common factors behind unintentional weight loss. Fortunately, there are some foods that can help you to gain weight in a healthy manner.

To gain weight, you obviously need to increase your intake of calories. This does not mean that you start eating unhealthy junk foods that are loaded with fats and sugar. You should avoid such foods, even if you want to put on weight. Besides having calories, the foods that you eat must also contain the necessary nutrition. Listed below are some healthy foods for weight gain.

Whole Grains

You must include a lot of grains and cereals in your daily diet. It is highly recommended that you have a minimum of three servings of whole grains on any given day. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and sprouted grains

These are some good sources. Besides increasing your calorie intake, whole grains will give you essential proteins, fiber, and a lot of other nutrients.


Not only are fruits a good source of calories, but they also contain many essential vitamins and phytochemicals. Two of the best healthy and high-calorie fruits include bananas and avocados. Some other fruits that are rich in calories are pineapple, strawberries, pears, cherries, apples, etc.

In fact, a lot of studies suggest adding watermelon to a daily diet with growing age helps reduce the dependency on medicines such as Penegra.

Fruit Juice

Although sodas are very high in calories, they are not at all healthy as they have no nutritional value. A better option is to drink juices that are not only rich in calories, but are also nutritious and hydrate your body too.

Dried Fruits

Eating dry fruits is another healthy way of increasing your calorie intake. Having a cup of raisins will give you more calories than a cup of grapes. Cranberries, apricots, berries, and other tropical fruits are also helpful for gaining weight.


Some of the best vegetables to get plenty of good quality carbohydrates to include cabbage, beets, broccoli, carrots, French beans and more. You can also consume starchy vegetables like corn, potato, and sweet potato. Although green vegetables do not contain a lot of calories, you can add salad dressings to them. One of the best and most delicious items to add to your daily diet.

Did you know? eating a vegetarian diet can help one live healthy and miles away from illnesses such as Heart Problems, High Cholesterol, Erectile Dysfunction, diabetes, etc.


Eating 300 to 400 extra calories per day helps in weight gain


Besides containing lots of calories, whole milk is a good source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals like calcium. Drinking milk daily is a healthy way of gaining weight. Milk can also provide your body with healthy bacteria that are helpful in improving digestive health.


Pasta not only has great flavor, but it is healthy too. Being high in carbohydrates, pasta is rich in calories. Including pasta in your regular meals can help you to gain weight.


Fish contains good quality protein and can help you to gain weight. For healthy weight gain, you can include in your diet fish like sardine, mackerel, salmon, tuna, etc. Make sure to stay away from canned fish.


Nuts and seeds are powerful sources of polyunsaturated fats and can help to increase your calorie consumption in a healthy manner. You can opt for various types of nuts like almonds, peanuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashew, etc.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich in protein, fiber, and minerals. There are about 534 calories in 100 grams of flaxseed. Along with this, it also contains 42 grams of fat. Flax seeds also contain fat, potassium, and magnesium. flaxseeds with milk to gain weight. Flaxseeds can also be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning.

Stay away from junk food

Harel should minimize the consumption of junk food. This leads to weight gain in the wrong way which causes the body to face many diseases. So avoid eating outside.