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A Quick and Easy Guide on How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

If ever there was a battle between physical and online stores, the pandemic indeed tilted the odds in favor of online stores.

This reality can have both positive and negative implications, based on the lens you look at it from, if you’re keen to learn more about online marketplaces, whether you’re a buyer or selling that there are many advantages to consider.

Marketplaces for commercial platforms of all sorts of products are readily available on the internet. You’ve probably heard about one of the most well-known ones called the Facebook (FB) Marketplace. With buy facebook likes being one of the most popular social networks worldwide, FB Marketplace continues to create buzz, particularly since more consumers and businesses are moving online.

If you’re wondering how to sell your products on Facebook Marketplace (and what you can do to purchase items), This quick guide is perfect for you.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

It was introduced in the year 2016. The Marketplace is an online store integrated with the Facebook app as a complimentary feature. It was initially created to replicate the spirit of the group buy-and-sell model on Facebook but eventually transformed into something much more significant that makes selling and buying, trading, and discovering products within local communities more convenient.

One of the most accessible platforms for connecting buyers with sellers, Facebook Marketplace sports a minimalist design that appeals to first-time users who may be overwhelmed by the complexity of interfaces. Its simplicity is, without doubt, its draw.

How to Set Up a Marketplace Account

You don’t have to worry about how to access Facebook Marketplace since it’s likely to be within your reach. You require an active Facebook account, and you’re good to go!

To connect to the platform using the desktop browser, sign to your current Facebook account and search for the storefront icon with the tag ‘Marketplace’ in the left-hand navigation pane. Click it, and you’ll be directly on the platform.

Making use of FB Marketplace through your mobile device is also as easy. Once you’ve logged into your Facebook account, go to the hamburger menu on the screen (top-right in Android and lower-right to access iOS) and then look for the storefront icon. Press it to launch the storefront platform.

You may also type “Marketplace” in the search bar if the other icons and tabs confuse you. The first result from a search is typically the right one, but ensure that the famous storefront accompanies it.

Once you’ve figured out how to get to the area, you can now sell and buy!

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

You can look through the various products available through Facebook Marketplace immediately. Marketplace greets users with images of products posted in your area, and you can determine whether something is worth your time.

To find a more specific search, you can adjust the radius of your location to encompass all listings in the area you are in. To narrow your search, you can also pick from diverse categories, from antiques and collectibles to electronic devices and vehicles.

Filter options that rank results according to your specific price range and the item’s condition are also available. Searching using keywords is another option if you have a particular thing you’d like to locate.

If something catches your attention, click on the image to access all information regarding it, including the price as well as the condition of the item: description, seller’s details, approximate location, as well as additional images.

It is possible to save the listing for the future, submit an offer, and set up an alert to look for duplicate listings. You can also talk to the seller to find out more information.

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t facilitate payments or delivery. Therefore you must arrange your purchase in person with the seller. It is possible to use mobile wallets and online banks such as GCash, PayMaya, or Coins. Ph to pay for your purchase. Certain sellers allow cash-on-delivery or cash at pickup.

If you need to deliver, verify with the seller the most efficient methods. You can often hire online courier services like Grab, Lalamove, or Mr. Speedy. Delivery times for longer distances can be accommodated via LBC Express, JRS Express, J&T Express, or even bus shipping.

A Word of Caution When Buying on Facebook Marketplace

Since anyone can advertise items in FB Marketplace, it’s not surprising that there’ll be some poor apples in the mix. It’s your responsibility to verify the authenticity of a listing by looking at the vendor’s Facebook business profile. Are the ratings of the seller high? Do they have any certificates to show off? Are the reviews positive?

Certain legitimate sellers who are new to the Marketplace have profiles that aren’t very convincing. Therefore it’s not the only way of checking the authenticity of the listing. It’s still an excellent way to begin. It’s a good idea to do some digging to ensure you’ve covered everything.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace works as a dual street. Similar to how you can find great bargains on the Marketplace, it also allows you to make significant money selling things.

There’s no requirement for certification. There are no fees to be an issue as you can post items on the site without cost. All you have to do is find something worth selling, and then you can turn your unwanted items into money.

If you’re not sure how to start, There are plenty of Pandemic-proof business concepts or home-based business ideas available to you to try. The world is yours so long as you adhere to the minimum of complying with Facebook’s Policies on Commerce.

Follow these simple steps:

On the FB Marketplace home page, click “Create New Listing” on an internet browser on a desktop or ‘Sell’ if using a mobile.

Choose the listing type you prefer in three different categories—items such as vehicles, homes, and articles available for rent or sale.

Include high-quality pictures of what you’re selling. Show various angles to give transparency. You can upload as many as ten photos of your items: cars, 20 for things, and 50 for houses.

Complete the remaining fields on your listing, including title price, description tags for your product, and location. The areas will differ based on the listing’s format.

You can opt to hide your page from Facebook friends by activating the toggle switch. There’s also an option to enhance your page after you have published.

If you cannot enable the “Hide from Friends’ option, you can post your listing to multiple Facebook groups. Without this, your listing will only be visible to the public on Marketplace, which still has the entire spectrum since everyone on or off Facebook can look up your post about your products.

After clicking Publish, make sure you’ve checked the details you’ve entered. Your listing will not be accessible to the general public since it must undergo a regular review. This can take from a couple of hours up to a few days. You’ll be notified when your listing has been made live.

Although Marketplace doesn’t need anything from its sellers, you must be sure not to make a mistake on the essentials. Be honest, reliable, and responsible – all aspects of being a successful entrepreneur.

To get a brief video tutorial, you can look at this YouTube video to learn how to use Facebook Marketplace.

Tips to Improve Your FB Marketplace Listing and Sell Successfully

If you’re looking to go beyond the basics, Here are some other tips on selling and posting to think about:

Name Your Price

Be sure to include the actual cost in the beginning. Don’t make your item appear free unless you’re giving the thing away. Additionally, PM isn’t the sole factor.

Use High-Quality Photos

Make sure the photo you upload on the top tile of your post is attractive because it will serve as the thumbnail of your post.

Give Complete and Accurate Product Descriptions

Do you only permit meeting-ups? Do you require payment first before delivery? Include as much information on your listing as possible to avoid any unnecessary back and forths with potential customers. It should include more than just details about your product, preferred payment method, and delivery methods click here.

Don’t Be Vague About Your Listings

Be open about the state of the product you’re selling. The most effective way to turn off customers is to entice them with hidden flaws in the product which you were unable to reveal.

Manage Your Customer’s Expectations Regarding Shipping and Deliveries

Make sure to include a disclaimer regarding shipping or delivery if you don’t want to be held responsible for damages and delays caused that couriers cause. It is essential to offer your buyers secure shipping options to go through them when they make a purchase.

Boost Your Listings

If you’ve the funds to do so, you can increase your Marketplace listing to make it more visible to a larger audience. You can also post your listings with Facebook groups to expand your reach.

Learn More About Facebook Marketplace

Make your mini market and conduct competitor research. Explore the Marketplace to find similar listings and see how they are priced. What is it that makes your product superior? What is missing from your blog? What are the things your customers think of?

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