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4 Great Ways To Display Your Best Instagram Photos

Instagram is a social networking phenomenon that has taken the image business by storm. As of 2022, Instagram reported that they had over 1.2 billion customers and over 1,000 images were uploaded every second! But the exciting catch-22 situation of dealing with many Instagram customers is the way to get the most out of your favorite Instagram pixels instead of just sharing them on social media. The answer is simple: take your iconic and favorite Instagram photos “from your smartphone and in your home” by printing them out and showing them off.

That’s why we’ve put together some innovative show reactions to your favorite Instagram photos revealed:

Printing your Instagram Photos

Firstly, some of you may not know Instagram photo fram how can you use it for profile growth from your phone and onto a printer. There are several Picturegraph outlets that now print in rectangular formats. We support professional photo agencies such as Camera House, Ted’s Cameras, or Harvey Norman who can print rectangular images to a high standard.

Display Options for Instagram Photo Prints

After you post your square Instagram photos efficiently, there are a number of methods you can use to creatively showcase your photos to increase engagement on Instagram. You can display both in a photo album containing a dry mount photo album.

Drymount Photo Album

The first choice is to use a traditional photo album called a dry mount photo album. This type of photo album consists of pages that can be clean and allow flexible positioning and mounting of your photos. A dry-mounted photo album should also have clear glassine between each page to divide each page and protect your photos.

The benefits of using a dry-mounted photo album to store and display your Instagram photos are:

  • Allows flexible positioning of your images
  • You can insert a few images on the same web page
  • Photos can be supplied in a variety of sizes, including rectangular extension sizes, 5″ x 5″, 6″ x 6″, 7″ x 7″, 8″ x 8″, and 10″ x 10″.

You can also decorate your photo album page with memorabilia, cards, and ribbons or use a unique pen to document memos around the photo or draw decorations around your photos

Square Photo Frames

If you want your photos and memories to appear in a larger or more consistent setting, we recommend putting your rectangular Instagram photos in a rectangular photo frame. Profile Australia offers a wide range of luxury rectangular photo frames such as black frames, white frames, and herb wood rectangular frames, which are also available in unique sizes. You can also get famous rectangular shadow box frames which are also best for a more dramatic look.

Gallery Photo Wall Frame Display

Another great way to show off an array of rectangular Instagram pixels is to create a gallery wall or graphic wall show designed for multiple Instagram images. We’ve also created a special “Instagram-inspired” gallery photo wall set that comes in various rectangular photo body fashion options, including black frame, white frame, arctic birch, stone ash, and chestnut wood.

Insta-Square Collage Photo Frames

Bring your favorite series of Instagram photos into the lifestyle with a unique Insta Rectangle Collage Photo Frame with multiple windows. This famous series of Insta-Square Collage Photo Frames has rectangular multi-start home windows to create eye-catching, innovative, and fun photo arrangements of your favorite Instagram fashion photo memories.

These unique rectangular design frames with multiple photos are best for displaying holiday snaps, moments of your own family, birthdays, and various unique lifestyle events. You can mix and match photos to create a curated set of moments and memories to cherish for a lifetime. These fun rectangular photo frames are also available in many extraordinary options, shades, and sizes to suit your fashion!

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