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3 Effective Tips to Reduce Creatinine Levels

When you use your muscles there is a production of a product which is known as creatinine. When you consume a lot of protein, whether through foods or supplements, then there are chances that there will be a production of this organic compound in small amounts.

The bloodstream is responsible for carrying creatinine to the kidneys, in the kidneys the body is solely responsible for filtering it out through urine. However, here is an important thing that you need to know: if your kidneys are not working properly then high creatinine levels can build up in the blood.

A healthcare provider, especially a urologist, may check your blood and urine to know the levels of creatinine, and may also recommend other tests such as a creatinine test that you can get done from a lab. In addition, more information about creatinine test price in Pakistan that you can get online.

There are many factors behind high creatinine levels in the body such as body size, race, and gender can be responsible for maintaining the levels of creatinine. If there are high levels of creatinine in the body then there are chances that it will be a sign of kidney disease.

Here is also another question then you would need to get the creatinine test done. The answer is that when you experience several changes in urination, nausea as well as vomiting, swelling in the ankles, and cramps in the muscle, then you will need to get this test done at any cost.

In addition, a doctor may also recommend regular creatinine testing if you experience the following conditions, these conditions can be responsible for decreasing kidney function, and these conditions are diabetes, a blockage in the urinary tract, high blood pressure, and thyroid diseases

Tips to Reduce Creatinine Levels

There can be an increment in the levels of creatinine due to strenuous exercise or the use of several medications such as trimethoprim as well as chemotherapy drugs can also cause high levels of creatinine.

In addition, if a female has become pregnant or a person who is eating a diet that is packed with red meat can also experience high levels of creatinine. The body needs to flush it out to function properly in the longer run. There are many possible best ways to treat creatinine levels; however, the best way is to treat the underlying cause.

If you are experiencing high blood creatinine levels then you need to discuss it with your healthcare provider to develop a plan that will address the situation that may be harming your kidneys. If your health care provider thinks that there is only a little bit of increment in the levels of creatinine then he may recommend some home remedies for high creatinine levels.

1- Immediately Reduce Your Protein Intake

Several medical studies are indicating that the consumption of high protein over a period of time can lead to high levels. These high levels may be temporary, and sometimes, these levels will come for a longer time.

As mentioned previously, cooked red meat significantly increase the levels of creatinine in the blood. The heat of the cooking can also increase the risk of high levels of creatinine in red meat which eventually contributes to high creatinine levels in the body.

People who are following a diet that is full of red meat and several other protein sources such as dairy products are at high risk of experiencing high creatinine levels in the body than those who do not eat a diet packed with red meat or high dairy products.

If you are eating a lot of red meat or other products that are packed with high protein levels then you will need to immediately switch your diet from red meat to vegetables and fruits. According to the urologist in Karachi, you will also need to avoid beef burgers because they can also affect levels. Instead, you can go for lentil soup, some essential or green vegetables, and other dishes that are made from fruits or vegetables.

2- Try to Lower Your Salt Intake

No matter where you belong, it is impossible to say that you are not a big fan of salt. Every one of us is a huge fan of salty products. It wouldn’t be useless to say that without salty products it is not possible to spend even a single day.

But you may not know that diets and other foods that are packed with salt can contribute to high blood pressure which is among the diseases in the world. In addition, processed foods are also packed with other harmful ingredients such as high levels of sodium which can also cause an increment in high levels of creatinine.

3- Don’t Consume NSAIDs

Many of us tend to consume NSAIDs in higher doses if we even experience pain or swelling in mild to moderate forms. However, it is the best thing that we do in this regard. But if it becomes essential to consume NSAIDs then consume them in lower doses.

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